Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ASA attends Walter Johnson High School Activism Fair!

Seasons Greetings,

MOCO-ASA was recently invited to attend the 3rd Annual Walter Johnson High School Activism Fair. The activism fair is an annual Walter Johnson tradition that brings together over 30 activist organizations and clubs from across the political spectrum to inform students and help get them involved.

Our chapter was one of many tabling in the cafeteria while classes of students came down to talk to us and find out how to get involved. During the course of the day, almost all of the school's 2,000 students visited the fair. This was an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the youth and engage them in our cause.

It was a very special day watching these young students being engaged and asking many questions themselves. Being able to answer questions and provide informational material to these students made the Holiday Season seem a little more magical.

We look forward to helping all the residents of Maryland have the most enjoyable advocate experience. So let us know the next time your interested in attending a meeting or event or volunteering with us sometime; because we need you. You are what make any cause worthwhile and effective. We'll create something special together every opportunity we have to take action on behalf of medical marijuana patients.

Happy Holidays to All

Tony Bowles, Outreach Coordinator, MOCO-ASA

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