Saturday, March 27, 2010

Doctor knows best? I don’t think so.

The house Health and Government Operations committee working group has reported out a bill that appears to be designed for the purpose of preventing patients from accessing medical marijuana in Maryland.

Dr. Morhaim not only prepared the bill he introduced without any input from patient advocacy organizations, but the working group consulted only with law enforcement and with the representatives of the pharmacists.

The revised bill is written in such a way that it would be late in 2011 (at the earliest) before patients could expect to be able to access a safe supply of medicine. The bill no longer includes protection from arrest for patients who are in compliance with the law. The bill no longer allows patients to grow their own medicine. The bill absolutely excludes any patients under the age of 18.

I think this revised bill is totally unacceptable for all of the above reasons, and I am writing to my Delegates and letting them know that.

I recommend you do so as well.

The medical establishment has spent decades preventing patients from having access to this potent and absolutely non-toxic healing herb. This new bill represents the latest attempt to force people to use dangerous expensive narcotics when a perfectly safe alternative can be grown in anyone’s basement.


Hannah said...


This is Hannah Bevills, I am an editor for We are a medical publication whose focus is geared towards promoting awareness on hospitals, including information, news, and reviews on them. We would like to have our site included within your blog and offer our information to your readers, of course we would be more than happy to list your blog within our directory as well.

Hannah Bevills

Michael Tew said...

Well thanks for the offer, but I wouldn't want to open myself or the organization to even the appearance any kind of conflict of interest, so I must respectfully decline.

I checked out your site and there was nothing under pain management. Cannabis is a completely non-toxic and highly effective pain medication. I hope that in the near future you will be able to direct patients to doctors who are knowledgeable in this area.